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Take advantage of the uniformity of SIMATIC software.

Maximum efficiency throughout the automation project: SIMATIC software

Automation software is essential for ensuring a high level of functionality and efficiency in all phases of a plant’s or machine’s life cycle, from the field to the corporate management level. On the basis of SIMATIC software, Siemens helps you to shorten your time-to-market through simplified engineering and simulation tools, as well as to increase performance via diagnostics and energy management functions and rapidly remedy problems, including via remote access.


TIA Portal

Totally Integrated Automation Portal, your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.

Software in the TIA Portal

TIA Portal allows for integration of software, all in a single interface.

  • SIMATIC STEP 7 (Controller Software)
  • SIMATIC WinCC (HMI and SCADA Software)
  • SINAMICS StartDrive
  • SIRIUS Soft Starter ES
  • Power distribution (SENTRON 3VA and 7KM PAC devices)
  • Multiuser
  • SIMATIC Energy management

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TIA Portal

Hardware in the TIA Portal

The TIA Portal lets you integrate all the key components in your automation project: control, HMI, drives, decentralized peripherals, motor management, motion control and power distribution.

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Controller Software

Software for SIMATIC Controllers – The STEP 7 family


Intuitive and efficient engineering – from the microcontroller to the PC-based controller. The STEP 7 product family for configuring, programming, test and diagnostics of the SIMATIC S7 controller systems.

  • STEP 7 Basic (TIA Portal)
    For engineering SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers and configuration of SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels (includes WinCC Basic).
  • STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)
    Configuration and programming of SIMATIC controllers S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, the S7-1500 Software controller as well as WinAC for PC-based controllers, network configuration, Motion and PID functions and configuration of SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels (includes WinCC Basic).
  • STEP 7 V5.6 (aka Classic STEP 7)
    The proven programming software for the configuration and programming of SIMATIC controller families S7-300, S7-400, C7 and WinAC.
  • STEP 7 Professional 2017
    Includes STEP 7 Professional (V5.6), SIMATIC S7-SCL, SIMATIC S7-GRAPH, SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM.
    Configuration and programming of SIMATIC controllers S7-300, S7-400, C7 and WinAC. ¹

    ¹ For programming controllers of the latest generation S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200SP CPU and S7-1500 Software Controller you need STEP 7 (TIA Portal) Engineering Software.

  • STEP 7 Safety Basic (TIA Portal)
    Parameter assignment and programming of the fail-safe S7-1200.
  • STEP 7 Safety Advanced (TIA Portal)
    For all fail-safe TIA SIMATIC controller classes (S7-1500, S7-1200, S7-1500 Software Controller, S7-300, S7-400, WinAC).


  • LOGO! SOFT Comfort
    For the creation of user programs by selecting the respective functions and their connection via drag-and-drop.
  • LOGO! Access Tool
    The free of charge LOGO! Access Tool allows to transfer application data from LOGO! in RUN mode into an excel sheet.
    *Runs only as add-in on Windows Excel
  • LOGO! Web Editor
    The free of charge LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) allows to create customized websites, which are used to control and monitor LOGO! automated tasks.


HMI Software

HMI Software ranging from configuration software for panels to PC-based visualization software and SCADA systems.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible ES engineering software

Family of configuration systems with WinCC flexible/Compact/Standard/Advanced for SIMATIC operator panels, the HMI part of SIMATIC C7 as well as for the WinCC flexible Runtime PC-based visualization software.

  • WinCC flexible 2008 Compact
  • WinCC flexible 2008 Standard
  • WinCC flexible 2008 Advanced

SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) engineering software

Family of configuration systems with WinCC Basic, Comfort, Advanced and Professional for SIMATIC operator panels, as well as for the PC-based visualization systems WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional.

  • WinCC Basic (TIA Portal)
    Software for Basic HMI – Panel based.
    Runtime software is on-board SIMATIC HMI operator devices.
  • WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal)
    Software for Advanced HMI – Panel based.
    Runtime software is on-board SIMATIC HMI operator devices.
  • WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal)
    Software for Advanced HMI – PC based.
    If production places particularly high demands on the quantity and type of information that must be processed and documented, a PC-based system is recommended.
    WinCC Advanced is available as separate Engineering Software and Runtime Software Packages, which can be expanded by option.


SCADA Software

Totally connected. Totally digitalized.


Software solutions from process visualization to plant intelligence or open systems for infrastructure projects.

  • WinCC Professional
    The SCADA system inside TIA Portal.
    PC-based operator control and monitoring system for visualization and operator control of processes, production flows, machines and plants in all sectors – from the simple single-user station through to distributed multi-user systems and cross-location solutions with web clients.
    WinCC Professional is available as separate Engineering Software and Runtime Software Packages, which can be expanded with SCADA option.
  • WinCC V7
    The scalable and open SCADA system for maximum plant transparency and productivity.
  • WinCC OA
    Open Architecture SCADA system without limits.
    For applications of large scale and high complexity as well as projects with special requirements on system prerequisites and customized functionality.
    Build vendor- and platform-independent SCADA systems that are scalable and offer unlimited global access over the web – even over native iOS and Android user interfaces.




DCS Software


Process Control System

Flexible, scalable, powerful: The innovative distributed control system for integrated automation

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Software for energy management

With SIMATIC Energy Management, Siemens offers you a comprehensive, scaleable ISO 50001-certified portfolio of products and solutions – ranging from field-level energy data recording to company-wide energy analysis at the management level.

SIMATIC Energy Suite, as an integrated option for the TIA Portal, efficiently interlinks energy management with automation and introduces energy transparency to production. The significantly eased configuration of energy-measuring components of the SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS and SIMOCODE product ranges ensures considerably minimized configuration expenditures. The integrated connection to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO or to the cloud-based Energy Analytics service facilitates the acquired energy data‘s seamless expansion into a site-spanning energy management system.

  • SIMATIC Energy Suite
    Software for automatically generated energy data acquisition within TIA Portal.
    SIMATIC Energy Suite Engineering – for engineering in TIA Portal.
    SIMATIC Energy Suite Energy Objects – licensing object per energy measuring point (i.e. PAC3200, SIMOCODE, etc.)
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic
    A simple way to get started with energy management. Easily configurable via web engineering – both in interaction with the automation system and for manual data acquisition.
    Predefined templates for reports and configurable dashboards support reporting.
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO
    Additional functions for comprehensive, ISO-compliant energy management. The software supports the user with extensive reporting for recording and visualizing performance indicators and consumption data and with tools for calculating performance indicators for more complex situations.
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager App
    The SIMATIC Energy Manager app for iOS and Android rounds off the portfolio with a simple and intuitive solution for mobile acquisition of consumption data from machines that are not or cannot be networked with the energy management system.
  • Energy Analytics

SIMATIC MindSphere Apps


Monitor and optimize the performance and energy consumption of your production lines on a global scale in real time.

Make production lines more transparent and efficient with cloud-based applications: SIMATIC MindSphere Apps uses the data from Siemens’ IoT MindSphere operating system to give you an enhanced insight into the performance and status of your machines, plants and automation processes. You benefit from new business models, higher resource efficiency and greater output from your processes.

  • SIMATIC Performance Insight
    Analyzing machine and plant data worldwide
  • SIMATIC Notifier
    Intelligent notification on mobile terminal devices
  • SIMATIC Machine Monitor
    Substantiated data for better servicing of machines and plants
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager
    Transparent energy flows for energy management and optimization
  • SIMATIC Machine Insight
    Machine status at a glance – worldwide

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