FLENDER Gearboxes

FLENDER Gearboxes


  • Standard gear unit which can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 3,100 Nm to 1,400,000 Nm with 28 sizes
  • Nominal transition range from i = 1.25 to 450

The FLENDER® helical and bevel-helical gear unit portfolio is by far the most comprehensive range of industrial gear units in the world. It includes a multifaceted range of universal gear units, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions.

Price, performance and reliability – the universal gear unit solution

Today, FLENDER industrial gear units are especially valued by our customers due to their high level of availability, their quality and their attractive price-performance ratio. Our selection of universal gear unit designs is perfectly supplemented by a wide range of standard options such as motor bell housings, backstops and taconite seals. For this reason, the FLENDER portfolio provides a virtually unlimited variety of design options. The gear units’ compact design, the choice between horizontal and vertical installation, the various mounting types (base- or shaft-mounted gear units) and the simple attachment of auxiliary components provide you with maximum flexibility when designing your plant.

Diversity and flexibility – the application solutions

With its range of helical gear units, FLENDER now has by far the largest number of application-specific solutions and is thus able to meet almost any drive technology requirements in hundreds of industrial and raw material extraction applications.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest level of reliability and fail-safe operation
  • Huge modular system for the optimal gear unit solution
  • Highefficiencies
  • Rapid worldwide availability
  • Comprehensive accessory program
  • Five output shaft versions for easy connection to the work machine
  • Available as an individual gear unit or an Integrated Drive System

Established as the industrial standard, in use worldwide.

  • Mining and Cement: conveyor belts, bucket elevators, crushers
  • Cranes: hoists, trolleys, container cranes
  • Power Generation: cooling towers, water turbines, hydrodynamic screws
  • Plastics and Rubber: single-screw extruders
  • Pulp and Paper: paper machines
  • Water and Wastewater: aerators
  • Food and Beverage: agitators, aerators


  • Planetary gear unit which can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 117,000 Nm to 2,600,000 Nm with 22 sizes
  • Nominal transition range from i = 25 to 4,000

The PLANUREX® 2 series has not only proven its worth over the course of many years in a large number of applications and under the most severe operating conditions. The units’ high quality and reliability have also allowed them to set global standards.
The finely spaced series offers wide variety due to various output shafts, conformity to different motor standards, application-specific auxiliary equipment and load-sharing options.
This permits a large number of possible applications to be catered for.The modular design allows a large number of basic components to be standardized, in particular planetary stages and housing components as well as drive- and output-side components.
The resulting reduction in complexity makes it possible to produce economic batch sizes to a high quality standard.
The PLANUREX gear units’ robust design guarantees process stability above all. Rely on the PLANUREX 2 to guarantee maximum operational reliability.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easily combined with other gear units such as upstream helical, worm, bevel or bevel-helical gear units
  • Low-noise operation due to low rolling and sliding speeds at the tooth flanks
  • Greatest power capacity and maximum reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Comprehensive accessory program
  • Available as an individual gear unit or an Integrated Drive System

Established as the industrial standard, in use worldwide.

  • Mining and Cement: roller presses, apron conveyors, tube mills, rotary kilns, bucket excavators
  • Cranes: slewing gear systems, trolleys
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: agitators


  • Planetary gear unit for horizontal mounting positions
  • 17 sizes
  • PLANUREX 3 L: TKN = 480,000 Nm up to 1,465,000 Nm
  • PLANUREX 3 XL: TKN = 1,700,000 Nm bis 5,450,000 Nm
  • Seamless transmission ratio from i = 1:45 up to 1:110

Expect more

Premium has many facets in the world of drives. These result from the expectations that customers place on a product and from how they are fulfilled. With PLANUREX 3 gearboxes FLENDER redefines these expectations. PLANUREX 3 stands for a new generation of extremely power-tight, multi-purpose premium planetary gearheads.
PLANUREX 3 offers a complete, fully standardized planetary gear unit portfolio for horizontal installation in L and XL dimensions, combined with short delivery times worldwide, an excellent price/performance ratio and very high modularity. The concept strikes the optimum balance between power density, availability and costs.
Since plants are often operated at their design limits and beyond, FLENDER gear units have to withstand the highest loads as well as enormous axial and radial forces. With PLANUREX 3, we therefore offer extremely compact premium drive solutions that meet the high requirements of continuous operation and promise you maximum operational reliability even under discontinuous loads with a double overload capacity compared to the nominal torque. This new gear generation not only offers the highest power density, but also extremely robust gear units and makes a decisive contribution to the availability of your work machine.
The series offers you various options for optimally adapting the gear unit to the requirements of your application, e.g:

  • Gear unit base for base mounting
  • Torque shaft support
  • Support 2 (Chun version)
  • Connection for oil cooling
  • Suitable for temperatures down to -40 °C

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest power density: compact, lightweight, powerful
  • High efficiencies and maximum efficiency
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • High overload capacity: Nominal torque x 2
  • Very high modularity
  • Many sizes in harmonic gradation close to the desired torque
  • 3D design with FEM
  • Available i. e. individually or as integrated drive train


  • Roller presses
  • Sugar cane mills (individual drive)

Technical data

  • Rated Torque up to 5,450,000 Nm
  • Transmission i = 45…110
  • Power up to 7.000 kW
  • Sizes 17
  • Geartype Planetary Gear Units


  • Planetary gear unit with high power density which can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 10,000 Nm to 80,000 Nm with 8 sizes
  • Nominal transition range from i = 25 to 15,000

With FLENDER SIP® planetary gear units, we offer you a spectrum of fatigue-resistant, reliable and finely spaced gear unit solutions. The series includes not only the highly integrated planetary gear motor but also maximum conformity with all international motor standards and ensures that quality and performance bear a sensible relationship to life cycle costs and price.
The FLENDER SIP series covers a wide range of different gear unit models: eight frame sizes, six transmission ratios and five output shaft versions. To ensure that the gear units can be installed in any application, a number of options are available: cylindrical shafts with parallel keys or splines, hollow shafts with shrink disks or splines and flanged shafts. Coaxial and 90° FLENDER SIP gear units offer a very finely spaced spectrum of transmission ratios with up to 53 steps. The accessory program provides all the necessary connecting adapters for standard motors, including connections to IEC and NEMA motors as well as to servomotors.
Furthermore, temperature control, explosion protection, taconite seals, a design for temperatures down to –40 °C and various mounting options guarantee optimal availability and fail-safe operation even under demanding ambient conditions.
With FLENDER SIP, reliability and flexibility become a product. Benefit from the special FLENDER SIP qualities in the premium league and get the efficiency you want.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Greatest power capacity and highest reliability
  • High efficiencies and best performance
  • Finely spaced transmission ratios with up to 53 steps
  • Maximum flexibility when selecting the motor due to conformity with all international motor and interface standards
  • Five output shaft versions for easy connection to the work machine
  • Available as an individual gear unit or as an Integrated Drive System

Made in Germany, worldwide in use

  • Mining and Cement: apron conveyors, bunker dischargers, scratchers
  • Steel Production: pilger rolling mills and reversing rolling mills
  • Food and Beverage: mixers
  • Other fields of application: chain conveyors