Geared Motors – KS Adapters

KS Adapters

Flexible KS adapter links SIMOGEAR gear units to different servomotors

By combining the Siemens servomotor portfolio with SIMOGEAR gear boxes, applications with the highest demands on precision, dynamics, compactness and weight can be served. The SIMOGEAR KS adapter is the flexible solution for connecting the various gearbox types with defined Siemens servomotors.

Advantages of the KS adapter:

Compactness (shorter design than KF and KQ adapters)
Reduction of variance – one adapter series for different servomotors
Die-cast aluminium version – no painting required for certain geared motor combinations
Mounting possible for Z19 and B19
Mounting of SIMOTICS S-1FK2 will be considered in the future


*The KS adapter will gradually replace both the KF adapters already available for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 and the KQ adapters for SIMOTICS S-1FK7/1FT7 motors.