Automation – SIMATIC IPC



Rack computers from Siemens – perfect for 19” rack and industrial server applications

SIMATIC Rack PCs offer sufficient system performance for demanding applications and are ideal for performing a wide range of tasks in many different sectors. Thanks to numerous interfaces every SIMATIC Rack PC can be quickly and flexibly extended.

Sophisticated innovative industrial design and integrated diagnostics and message functions make the Siemens rack computers highly available and particularly easy to maintain. PC options for industrial server applications offer higher system performance and availability as well as data security.

  • IPC347E – Entry level IPC in 19” format
  • IPC547G – Compact industrial workstation and server
  • IPC647E – High-Performance in 19” (2U) design
  • IPC847E – High-Performance, rugged and extremely expandable


The SIMATIC Box PC series is at home in all industrial branches: From the absolutely maintenance-free Nanobox PC SIMATIC IPC227E for standard mounting rail through to the SIMATIC IPC827D Box PC with easy expandability and maximum performance.

The Box PC is suitable for measuring, controlling, regulating and verifying process and machine data, for industrial image processing or for decentralized visualization in combination with SIMATIC Flat Panels.

  • IPC127E – Ultra-Compact IPC/IoT Gateway
  • IPC227E – Nanobox IPC
  • IPC327E – Basic IPC
  • IPC427E – Embedded Microbox IPC
  • IPC527G – Basic IPC
  • IPC627E – High-End IPC
  • IPC827D – High-Performance, rugged and flexibly expandable


Rugged, high-performance, all-in-one industrial panel PCs with brilliant displays


The SIMATIC Panel PC portfolio optimally suited for visualization tasks directly on the machine or in the plant. The all-in-one Panel PC devices integrate an industrial PC and an operator panel. They convince through their robustness, performance, and a brilliant display. Various device families fulfill a wide range of requirements in manufacturing and process automation.

  • IPC377E – Basic IPC
  • IPC277E – Embedded IPC
  • IPC477E – Embedded IPC
  • IPC677D – High-End IPC

SIMATIC Industrial Tablet PC

The tablet for your daily industrial routine

The SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC offers the performance of SIMATIC industrial PCs in a tablet format. Designed for industrial use and typical applications in maintenance/service, production and measuring and testing, with a large number of functional expansions such as a 1D/2D bar code reader or user identification by RFID, and high CPU performance comparable to the level of many notebooks.

  • ITP1000

Industrial Monitors and Thin Clients

Always the first choice in industrial monitors and thin clients

Siemens has innovative options for distributed control concepts. SIMATIC industrial monitors and thin clients are used as desktop devices for maintenance or control centres, as built-in devices for operator panels or as PC-based visualization and control solutions in which the control unit is operated separately.

Much more than just a rugged industrial monitor!

  • Brilliant widescreen displays from 12” to 22” with single- (ITC) or multi-touch technology (IFP) and fast response times
  • For installation or support arm / pedestal mounting (IP65)
  • For industrial 24-hour use
  • Detached placement via DisplayPort / DVI, USB or Ethernet (ITC)

SIMATIC IFP – Industrial Flat Panels monitors

  • Available as single-touch and multi-touch variants with projected-capacitive touch technology (PCT). Outstandingly suitable as industrial monitors with rapid response times for real-time image updating.

SIMATIC HMI SCD1900 monitor

  • Suitable for professional use, for example, in control rooms and control centres installed in control consoles with touch functionality or as desktop devices with and without operating function.

SIMATIC ITC – Industrial Thin Client

  • High-performance operator terminals with high-resolution widescreen touch displays in the sizes 12″, 15″, 19″ and 22″.