We offer the below services.


VSD Service & Cleaning

MCC Service & Cleaning

LV and MV Switchgear Service

SIMOCODE Upgrades (DP to Pro)


Flow Meter Verifications


Thermal testing

Electric motor testing

Transformer testing


MCC Switchgear Design

PLC and RIO Panels

Containerized MCC

Electrical Drawings


Rewiring of electric motors with ESEX wire and VPI to accommodate frequency converters

Fitment of Force Cooling units on any kW sizes, fitted with Fuse holder

NDT shaft tests

Repair and new stator cores

Labyrinth seal fitment

Increase IP ratings

IGS brake fitment

Stacker motors

Fitment of

New Flanges, K4 adaptors, IGS brakes & Conversion on pinions to fit any make motor


Drives & Switchgear


Industrial Networks

Process Instrumentation

Milling and Turning



PLC Maintenance

Backup Management

Plant Automantion

Equiptment Automation


Electric Motors

Electric motor shaft repairs

Transformer repairs

Conveyor Powerpacks


Frequency Converter

Soft Starters

Automation components


Yes. Simotech can assist you with repairs on all Siemens industrial equipment (i.e. Electric motors, frequency converters, soft starters, automation components, IPC’s, etc.). Contact Simotech with a description of your faulty item and a description of the fault.
*Simotech does not however aid with domestic appliances.

Repair lead times are affected by factors such as the type of product, nature of the repair, spares availability, etc. On average, repairs take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, from the date when the repair order was placed. Repairs may take up to 8 weeks to complete if spares are imported from Germany. Repairs performed in Germany take 6 to 18 weeks to complete, depending on the nature of the repair. However, Simotech will always endeavour to minimize the duration of the repair process.

Warrantee claims are investigated by Siemens head office and if approved, the item will either be repaired or replaced with a new unit, free of charge. A replacement item take on average 3 to 4 weeks to deliver, from the date when the warrantee claim was approved. Repairs vary between 3 to 18 weeks, depending on the nature of the repair (see FAQ “How long does repairs normally take?”).

Warrantees normally cover factory workmanship and intended use for a period of 12 months. Warrantee cover periods start on the day when the item was collected by or delivered to the customer. Documented proof of purchase will assist with determining the validity of the warrantee and legitimacy of a claim. Documented proof must be supplied in the case of a warrantee claim.

The repair quotation will consist of a price for the repair of the faulty item and a price for a new unit. A Failure Report will accompany the quotation if requested.

Yes. In the case where the repair is covered by an existing warrantee, the repaired item will be covered by the remainder of the existing warrantee. In the case where the repair is not covered by a warrantee (i.e. if the repair costs are covered by the customer), the repaired item will be supplied with a repair warrantee which may differ from 3 to 12 months, depending on the type of item being repaired, the nature of the repair, the status of an existing warrantee, etc. All warrantees cover factory workmanship and intended use.

A “Strip and Quote” fee is charged to cover costs related to determining the fault of the item (i.e. transport, handling, strip and test labour, test equipment, admin). “Strip and Quote” fees are normally waived when the faulty item is repaired or replaced.

A “Strip and Quote” fee will be applicable to cover the costs related to determining the fault of the item (i.e. transport, handling, strip and test labour, test equipment, admin). The customer will be held liable for the “Strip and Quote” fee and will be invoiced accordingly.

1. Once Simotech is informed of the faulty item and the item details, a “Strip & Quote” quotation is generated.
2. When the faulty item is received by Simotech receiving (delivered by the customer or collected from the customer by Simotech), the warrantee status is verified (if applicable) and the “Strip and Quote” order request from the customer is verified.
3. The item is transported to the repair centre where necessary tests and disassembly takes place to determine the fault, repair options, lead times and associated repair costs.
4. A Repair quotation is forwarded to the customer to determine if it is viable to repair or replace the faulty item.
5. In the case where the customer chooses to repair or replace the faulty item, the “Strip & Quote” fee is waived.

Unfortunately, not. Due to the vast number of products within the Siemens product portfolio, it is practically not viable, or even possible, to keep unsealed or used items on hand as temporary replacement or loan units.