Low Voltage

IE2 high efficiency motors

Type spectrum
We are one of the few motor suppliers worldwide to offer a complete portfolio of energy-saving motors:

For the IEC market

  • High-efficiency energy-saving motors in the highest EU efficiency class IE2 (High Efficiency)
  • Efficiency-improved energy-saving motors in EU efficiency class IE1 (Improved Efficiency)
  • Motors with increased output power in IE1 und IE2

For the NEMA market

  • IEC energy-saving motors in accordance with the US Federal Law EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 1992) for 60 Hz operation with CC number
  • NEMA motors with minimum legal effi ciencies in accordance with the US Federal Legislation EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 1992 – US Federal Legislation)
  • NEMA motors with NEMA Premium efficiency in accordance with NEMA MG1
  • NEMA motors with Ultra NEMA Premium efficiency: exceed the NEMA Premium efficiency recommended by NEMA


  • Noticeable reduction of operating costs through efficiency optimization
  • Especially compact motors from the 1LE1 series. IE1 and IE2 motors in the same, short frame length
  • High overload reserves in continuous operation (SF 1.15)
  • Inverter-proof up to 460 V as a standard, own version available up to 690 V
  • Environmental protection through CO2 reduction
  • Positive ecobalance of high-efficiency motors
  • Part of Totally Integrated Automation via inverters and PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • Can be easily modified using modular mounting kits

Siemens Low Voltage Motors – Installation

The Siemens electric motor is easy to install and modify in every frame size. The terminal box is easy to access and the housing architecture allows adaptation to the most varied applications.

The terminal boxes can be swiveled in 90° steps, and the motor feet can be flexibly mounted depending on the motor version. An encoder, brake and external fan can be added with minimum effort. The flexible housing architecture results in a reduced variety of parts, simplifying inventory management.

Three-phase motors with slip-ring rotors

SeriesS..R 132 up to 315, mode of operation S1, continuous duty
S..H 132 up to 315, mode of operation S3, intermittent duty
Output range2,2 kW up to 315 kW
Speeds3000, 1500, 1000, 750, 600, 500, 375 rpm
Features DIN EN 60034 (IEC 72),
mounting dimensions and output correlation acc. to
DIN 42679 (S..R) and DIN 42681 (S..H),
robust, low-vibration grey cast iron version
degree of protection IP 54 / IP 55, higher degrees of protection on request, insulation class F, insulation class H optionally available, economical performance, environmentally friendly multiple modifications 

Siemens High Voltage Motors

From Siemens you can obtain a wide range of types extensively and finely graduated. Our motors have been designed for rated voltages from 2 to 11 kV (as system with SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, also 690 V) as well as rated frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz.

Motors with pole numbers of between 2 and 12 are available as standard. H-compact is suitable for use in Zone 2 (non-sparking). Versions with degree of protection EEx e “increased safety” and EEX pe “pressurized” are listed in the catalog for Zone 1.